We have some brand new original artworks in stock! Newly added pieces of Dahmer Art , Zbigniew M. Bielak , Inkshadows, Vince Locke and many more! Check it out: shop.e-kunst.com/list/original-artworks

►Karl Dahmer (1) - November's Doom t-shirt design - ink/paper
►Karl Dahmer (2) - front cover for Witchhelm "Jotunn" EP -ink/paper
►Milovan Novakovic (1) - front cover for The Haunting Presence EP - pencils/paper
►Milovan Novakovic (2) - front cover for Necrowretch "Putrid Death Sorcery" album- acrylics/paper
►Chadwick St. John "Inkshadows" (1) - Witch drawing from the release "III" by the Greek band End - ink/paper
►Chadwick St. John "Inkshadows" (2) - booklet art from the Quintessence album "Le Bourreau De Tiffauges"- ink/paper
►Chadwick St. John "Inkshadows" (3) - front cover for Patronymicon "All Daggers Towards The Sky" ink/paper
►Vince Locke (1) - Inktober 2016 monster -ink/paper
►Vince Locke (2) - original monster art - (watercolours/paper)
►Vince Locke (3) - original monster art - (watercolours/paper)
►Zbigniew Bielak - frontispiece for "Singularity Cycle" book series by Horrific Tales Publishing - Framed
►Rebecca Clegg - Front cover for Nachtmystium album "Silencing Machine" gouache on canvas
►Pierre Perichaud "Business for Satan" - front cover for Sepulchral Zeal "Open" demo - ink/paper - Framed
►Richard Williams - front cover for Virophage "The Blessing Of Annihilation" - pastels/paper - Framed
►Alexander Held - front cover for album by The Crawling Chaos - acrylics/paper
►Timo Ketola - front cover for Decayed/Corpus Christii split 7" - watercolours/paper